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final fantasy xiii-2

Final Fantasy is an ever expanding series of games; XIII is the thirteenth game in the mainline series, with XIII-2 specifically its sequel and third in the trilogy that is more widely known as the Lightning saga. XIII is a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries, encompassing Final Fantasy XIII and Type-0 (and some leftovers of it in XV), and the idea is that they use the same mythos and ideas to tell different stories.

In Final Fantasy XIII, what starts out as a mission to rescue Lightning's sister, Serah, goes drastically wrong when the lead heroes become l'Cie, and are thus outcast from Cocoon. They must fulfil their Focus, or they face an eternal future as a monster, a Cie'th. Lightning and her friends decide to go against their Focus of destroying Cocoon, eventually learning the motives of those around them and the corruption of Cocoon itself along the way.

XIII-2 takes the original ending - with Lightning and Serah reunited on Pulse, and Lightning giving her sister her blessing to marry Snow - and erasing that from the timeline, along with Lightning herself. Three years on and Serah is the only one to remember Lightning's presence on the plains of Gran Pulse. Following a meteor shower brings the arrival of the mysterious Noel, a hunter from the end of days who claims to have met Lightning, and accompanies Serah on her journey up and down the timeline in order to reunite with her lost sister, as well as what becomes an earnest journey to save the world once again.

It's probably no surprise that XIII-2 is one of my favourite videogames ever, and this in part is due to Serah: Serah is likewise my favourite heroine of any media, and XIII-2 was a breath of fresh air as well as overwhelming validation, that one of my favourite girls could still be feminine and human and go out there and save the world... it doesn't matter if her goals are to marry her fiancee and reunite with her sister, she can still be strong and a force to be reckoned with, and sadly this sort of protagonist is still all too rare, even almost ten years later. (I have had long rants about Serah and her journey on her tribute, and this will likely not be the last time I do so.)

XIII-2 also brings with a lot of my favourite themes: time travel and memory, sisterhood, continuing to build upon the found families of the first game, a stellar soundtrack, weather changes and differences depending on era... the list goes on. Honestly I'm struggling to say much else when it comes to XIII-2, because it's such a staple part of what folks would use to identify me with! FFXIII is excellent and I will hear no two words against it.